Town of Upton Seeks Library Site


The Town of Upton is currently seeking parcels of land suitable for building a Library or other municipal facility. The complete description and instructions for making a proposal can be found on the town’s procurement website at:

If you own property in town which may be suitable, please consider responding to this request. The due date for responses is July 30th, and sites will be evaluated during the summer and fall as part of the Library’s ongoing planning and design process. For more information on the planning and design study, visit:

Preferred properties will be those that are close to a main road, have access to water/sewer/utilities, and have 1+ acres of buildable space, but all responses will be considered.

If you have questions or need help with the procurement process, please contact Matthew Bachtold at Upton Town Library, 508-529-6272 or


  1. I’m curious why Mendon and Upton share some resources, but not others, and on what basis decisions are made on when to share. The library seems like a good joint venture, since both are looking for an upgrade. The new Taft Library location has a lot of room for expansion, but lacks funds. Perhaps the two towns could work together on the site to mutual benefit?

    1. Mendon and Upton had an opportunity to build a regional library back in 2003 but it was defeated in both towns. I believe there was a substantial grant that would have funded more than 50% of the costs that ended up going to Wellesley instead. I also believe the whole project would have been cheaper than what Mendon’s currently spending renovating the church for the new Taft library…

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