Elderly Woman Home During Attempted Burglary

uxbridgepoliceThe Uxbridge Police are reporting at approximately 1:57 p.m. on August 10, 2015  an elderly woman was home during an attempted burglary.

According to Police the woman reported a white male wearing a white t-shirt broke into a side door. The male was approximately 6 feet tall, thin, with a mustache. Upon seeing the woman, the man fled. The door was locked and bolt locked.

“Thankfully, the woman was not hurt, only frightened. Location of the crime was the area of Oak St by East Hartford Ave,” said Uxbridge Police.

Police report that officers arrived within minutes..

Douglas Police Officer Bloniaz and K9 Kyro responded and tracked. The man had left the area.

Anyone with information or witnessed suspicious activity contact Uxbridge police 508-278-7755.

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