Public Hearing for Demo Delay Law on August 27 at 6 pm at Town Hall

Below is documentation provided by the Historical Commission regarding the Barn located at 3 Centennial Court for which an application for a demolition permit has been filed. A Public Hearing will take place on Thursday August 27 at 6 p.m. at the Town Hall to decide if the barn should be preserved. Below is an old photo of the property.


3 Centennial Court Barn

Public Hearing for Demo Delay Law on August 27 at 6 pm at town hall

The demolition delay by-law was passed in 2005 following the destruction of the stone silo on the corner of Grove Street and Mendon Street.  The Historical Society was fund raising for its preservation, but without a law in place the owner was legally able to remove the building over a weekend. The Upton Demolition delay by-law provides for a 12-month period to come up with preservation plan if the building is determined significant and preferably preserved by the Upton Historical Commission.

A demolition permit was applied for the barn at 3 Centennial Court. The Upton Historical Commission researched and walked through the property and determined it was of significance. A public hearing for determining ‘Preferential Preservation’ will be held on August 27 at 6 pm at town hall. If the UHC votes for preferential preservation then the UHC and the owner will have 12 months to work together to figure out a preservation plan for the building.

The main apartment building at 3 Centennial Court was once part of the Perham-Warren Tavern, advertised in its time as the World’s Largest Tavern in the World. The tavern was broken up and other sections include 5 Centennial Court and 12 Maple Avenue. The apartment building today is included in on the Walking Tour of West Upton that can be accessed here-

The barn and additional horse stalls and an additional barn were on a separate parcel on Russell Court, and it was only in 1960 that it was included with 3 Centennial Court. The barn was on a 1928 map of the Knowlton Company and was included in on the sale to Merrimac Manufacturer in 1950. The additional barn and horse stalls were torn down.

George Ward tells of playing there as a boy. It was known as a place where mechanics worked on their cars. The barn was used to store hats for the factory at one time, and the plaster of Paris home made blocks made by Frank Foster used to be thrown out the steep embankment down to the cow field below.

Merrimac Manufacturer who bought out Knowlton Company owned parcels #7, 7A, and 7B in 1950 when they sold everything. The Barn parcel, #7, 7A, 7B, was bought by Teresa Trask in 1960 a few months after buying parcel #9 that was the house at 3 Centennial Court. All the parcels (#9, 7, 7A, 7B) were sold to Harvey Trask in 1979. In 2006 the attached horse stalls were torn down as shown by the dotted lines.

A Walking Tour of West Upton

George Ward- telephone conversation today 7-17-15

-Played there 60 years ago- not new

-Mechanics used to tune up their hot rods there

-Horse stalls from early 1900’s, rented out for horses, these had dirt floors, no concrete; the building was torn down

-There was another barn/garage building across the street that was torn down

-Out back from there to the cow field, steep banking, was a place to dump the plaster of Paris homemade blocks made by Frank Foster for the hat manufacturing, he had a shop within the hat factory

-The barn was used to store hats for the factory at one time

Below is a photo of the Old Stone Silo which was located on the corner of Mendon and Grove which was destroyed prior to the Town having a demolition delay bylaw.



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