Upton Barn Historically Significant


On August 27, 2015 the Upton Historical Commission determined the barn located at 3 Centennial Court meets the requirements for Preferential Preservation.

A public hearing was scheduled for August 27 after the owner filed for a demolition permit and the Historical Commission determined the property historically significant.

According to the Upton Historical Commission the main apartment building at 3 Centennial Court was once part of the Perham-Warren Tavern, advertised in its time as the World’s Largest Tavern in the World. The tavern was broken up and other sections include 5 Centennial Court and 12 Maple Avenue. The apartment building today is included in on the Walking Tour of West Upton that can be accessed here- http://www.blackstonedaily.com/Outdoors&Nature/WTupton.htm.

During the public hearing committee chair Cathy Taylor said the owner of the property seemed amiable and was willing to work with the committee. “He wants to do the right thing,” said Taylor.

The owner of the property did not attend the hearing.

According to Taylor the property owner’s plans for the building may work with preserving the historical value. “The original idea was to turn building into commercial garage condominiums with stalls for cars and office space above,” she said.

The town and owner have one year to work out a feasible plan to preserve the property.

One resident asked, “If it gets torn down, it’s up to him? How will it look? There is a lot of property there.”

Taylor said, “Yes, if after a year we cannot figure something out he can tear it down. To Preferably Preserve this we have twelve months but if we are into this a few months and we see it’s not working we can cut the twelve months short.”

Four of the seven members were present to vote on the matter. The committee voted to unanimously to Preferably Preserve the property.

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