Nipmuc Swim Team Members Need Your Help


February 2015 – Nipmuc Juniors Shannon Dowd (2nd from left) and Carly Thibodeau (far right) & freshman Taylahna Rowland (4th from left) all compete with the Nipmuc-Northbridge-Grafton swim team and qualified for the State Championship Meet.

The Northbridge, Grafton, Upton Swim Team is currently short the funding needed to run the co-op swim program.

The team has worked diligently at running multiple fundraisers, but are still $2,000 short, and need to raise that money by Friday, Oct. 30th. If the funds are not raised the program will be cut. Donations big or small to the teams Gofundme account are very much appreciated!

This will be the teams third year together. Last year three Nipmuc swimmers qualified for State Finals.

The GoFundMe link is from last year and indicates the funding goal has been reached, this is not accurate. The coach is technologically challenged and ended up renewing the existing GoFundMe page from last year instead of creating a new one and couldn’t figure out how to create a “new goal”.

If you can help this team reach their visit

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  1. Is the “gofund me oops” a publicity stunt? It sure got my attention “and contribution”. Anyway its a good cause and hope they make it! Good luck to the team!

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