Miscoe Hill Students Host Thanksgiving Celebration For Upton Seniors


On November 19th at 11 a.m. a group of 20 Miscoe Hill Students prepared and hosted a Thanksgiving Celebration Lunch for 25 seniors, teachers, and administrators.

The Miscoe Hill Rachel’s Challenge Club, their advisor Mrs. Grant, and community member June Connor organized the event with students and members of the Upton Senior Center.

“The celebration focused on thankfulness for our wonderful Mendon and Upton communities and how supportive the communities are of our school system and the students in our towns,” said Miscoe Hill Principal Ann Meyer.

The students were very much involved, they shopped, set up, prepared the meal, and greeted the guests and made it a lovely event. “They sat down for a family style turkey dinner that was filled with much conversation between our students and seniors. The kids were beyond excited to have the seniors join them. Many of the adults commented how helpful, polite, and conversational the students were during this wonderful celebration,” said Meyer.

Meyer said a specials thanks goes out to  Mrs. Lambert, a community member, who cooked the turkeys at her home and brought them in for this event.

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