Battle of the Mailbox

vb4lTbSWQcgFIvVwNhgI_Snowplow (2).jpg

image from the internet – not an Upton Plow

It’s that time a year again when residents wonder if it’s worth replacing their mailbox once the plow guy has taken it out in a storm.

One quiet residential neighborhood with no real thru traffic lost at least 5 mailboxes in the recent storm here in Upton; a storm which resulted in a couple of inches of accumulation.

Residents in the neighborhood believe speed is the issue for the mishaps; which seem to happen every year. Others think perhaps the plow driver might be a little too aggressive with his duties.

The Town’s policy is to reimburse property owners for mailboxes damaged only if directly hit by a plow.

To keep your mailbox safe the US Postal Service recommends that mailboxes be at least 41” above the ground and 6 – 8” from the curb or edge of road, and installed with a sturdy post.  Making sure that you meet these guidelines will help allow snowplows to pass below the box, especially if it is away from the road surface.  Here is a link to the post office’s information on this topic:



  1. I’m grateful for the wonderful job our town does to keep the roads safe for my family. Yes, we lost our mailbox last year but, we all made it to work and home safely and the post office was great about holding our mail till we could fix the mailbox. No complaints here. Only appreciation.

  2. The town was 3 for 3 last year and one of those times sending my mailbox (and post)100 feet into the neighbor’s yard. The are on par this year already taking out all my holiday decorations. 2 tandem plows with 6 foot plow blades making 8 passes up and down my street for an inch of snow. Gotta love it.

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