Representative Muradian Makes Maiden Speech Before House of Representatives


State Representative David K. Muradian, Jr. (R-Grafton), made his maiden speech before the House of Representatives recently regarding an amendment that he filed to House Bill 3926, An Act Relative to Substance Use, Treatment, Education and Prevention. The bill, which has the support of the Governor, is in response to the growing epidemic of opioid abuse across the Commonwealth.

Representative Muradian’s parents and his wife Jessica were present in the House Chamber when he spoke on behalf of the amendment. In his speech he thanked his family as well as House Leadership.

“It was an absolute honor to be able to address the full House of Representatives on behalf of my district,” stated Representative Muradian. “I was also excited to be able to make my maiden speech before the House in the presence of my family and on such an important topic.”

Representative Muradian’s amendment, which he has also filed as a bill, would place “flakka,’ a synthetic hallucinogenic drug making its way up the east coast of the United States, into class C for controlled substances. It would make possession of ‘flakka’ carry a penalty of up to 10 years in prison along with a potential fine between $1,000 and $10,000.

‘Flakka’ is quite similar to the synthetic drugs ‘bath salts’ and ‘spice,’ which the legislature acted on during the previous session. ‘Flakka’ is an extremely potent drug that can cause serious physical harm to anyone who uses it. The Massachusetts State Police Crime lab identifies ‘flakka’ as any one of 19 different isomers that are listed in the legislation. Under the amendment, any drug containing one of those isomers would be subject to the restrictions listed.

“Something must be done to stop the rise of illegal drug use in our Commonwealth. The opioid bill that we passed goes a long way towards this goal, but there is still more to do,” Representative Muradian said. “I am proud to have filed this legislation with my colleague, Representative Tim Whelan from Brewster, to help move the ball down the field helping battle the spread and growth of dangerous synthetic drugs. We have an opportunity right now to get out ahead of these drugs and show our support to all of our public safety personnel throughout the Commonwealth.”

Any constituent who wishes to speak to Representative Muradian or his staff are encouraged to call (617) 722-2240 or e-mailing him at Constituents should also visit for updates about the district and Rep. Muradian’s Office.

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