Memorial School Third-Graders Travel Back in Time


Third-grade students Susie (l) and Juliet (r) play Cat’s Cradle  

On January 26 Memorial School third-graders traveled back in time to discover what it was like to be a Puritan. 

Students completed their Social Studies unit by engaging in an afternoon of Colonial crafts and games. Sewing, punched tin art, pomander’s, and weaving looms were all part of the hands-on experience.

During their travel, boys and girls learned how to sew and assemble beanbag balls. Third-grade teacher Brenda Webster said, “Women would have done the sewing in Colonial times but today in the 21st Century men and women sew, so all the students made the beanbags.”

Webster said they were able to integrate technology into the lesson by using funnels to fill the bean bags.

Third-grade student Ramya said, “We made tin art with a hammer for colonial craft day. Colonial children did this in the olden days for artwork. It was fun.”

Below left to right: Vanessa, Grace, Ramya, Lily, and Elyse show off their tin art




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