Students at Saint John’s Want Same Sex Couples At Prom

uptondaily1pngStudents at Saint John’s private Catholic boys school located in Shrewsbury, MA are demanding equality for LGBT classmates via a MoveOn Petition.

According to the petition, the school is refusing same-sex couples to attend prom.

The petition has received local, national, and international support.

Saint John’s headmaster was not available for comment.

Here is the text from the petition.

Dear all,

It has come to the attention of the student body that same-sex couples are not being allowed to attend prom. The Saint John’s mission statement speaks of “Respect and appreciation for individual differences,” but not allowing every student to express themselves to their full extent contradicts this mission.

In 2003, Massachusetts removed the ban on gay marriage. It is now 2016; gay marriage is legal nationally. Isn’t it about time that we, the Saint John’s Pioneers, took a step forward and set an example for our community and embraced Jesus’ message to love one another? This is a violation of the civil rights of members of our community. Every student should be able to spend prom with someone that is important to them. This kind of discrimination needs to be stopped.

Please sign and share if you support this petition!



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