Diane’s School Of Dance Experienced The Thrill of Broadway

IMG_2300On January 30, 2016 over fifty students from Diane’s School of Dance traveled to New York City to experience the thrill of Broadway and the magic of Disney through hands-on training with expert artists of theatrical performance from the Broadway hit Alladin.

Diane’s dancers participated in “On Broadway with Disney” where they worked on singing, dancing, and acting. The experience allowed the dancers to magically jump into Disney’s musical Alladin.

After  classes, Diane’s dancers headed over to the New Amsterdam Theater where they watched Alladin come to life.

Dancers in attedance:

Kaitlyn Allington, Amelia Arthur, Tess Belenger, Morgan Bieler, Nicole Bohan, Irelyn Bradley, Marie Bruno, Maria Buono, Samantha Carroll, Sophia Coldwell, Riley Collura, Karelyn Corey, Azillee Curl, Annalise Curl, Caroline DeZutter, Tommy Doyle, Lindsay Doyle, Lilly Farrel, Kaylin Fogg, Courtney Gale, Nyah Gazda, Rachel Gibbs, Lauren Gronda, Julia Gustavensen, Caroline Hebert, Penny Hebert, Lauren Heye, Grace Hughes, Bella Hughes, Erika Jolie, Grace Joseph, Lily Killeen, Cami Leary, Mackenzie LeClaire, Sarah LeClaire, Leticia Limas, Sarah Ludwigson, Emma Lynch, Jill Magliano, Kylie Macdonald, Maddy Moore, Taylor Moore, Kara Moquin, Emma Nadolski, Jessica Noel, Rachel Noel, Tori Onffroy, Emma Reynolds, Arianna Scarborough, Meghan Scarborough, Olivia Skiba, Ailionora Thompson, Maddie Tremblay, Tina Vanslette, Lauren Vincens and Isabella Wilson.

Diane’s School of Dance is located in Upton, MA.

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