Two Women Are Facing Charges For Dognapping Fonzi

12729337_10153478709293129_5137304246386823336_nMendon Police report two women are facing charges after they knowingly kept Fonzi, a ten-year-old white Samoyed who was reported missing by his owners.

Fonzi was found by the Mendon Police Department and reunited with his family today.  His human mom Lynn Samuelson of Mendon said, “Fonzi is home safely! If it wasn’t for all of you to help he wouldn’t be here right now.  I can’t express how thankful I am for everyone who helped, even people I didn’t know.”

On February 19 a woman reported she had spotted Fonzi behind a home in Mendon. This woman was known the to the Mendon Animal Control Officer. She was interviewed by Mendon Detective Don Blanchette about the sighting. According to Blanchette, she did not reveal she had the dog during the interview.

“Witnesses in the neighborhood confirmed a report that two young ladies put the dog in a green jeep and drove off,” said Blanchette. One of the persons involved was the woman who reported she had spotted Fonzi.

Blanchette reinterviewed the women, “At first, they said they didn’t have the dog,” Blanchette said. “I advised them there were witnesses,” he said. “They confessed they took the dog.”

According to Blanchette, the two women said they believed the dog was in distress and felt they could do a better job taking care of him..

The Mendon Animal Control Officer along with the Mendon Police Department made arrangements for Fonzi to be returned today.

Ashley Caron, of Millbury, and Robin Strocky, of Blackstone, have been charged with; larceny of $250 for the dog, removing a collar from a dog, and keeping a domestic animal without notifying animal control.



  1. I just hope nothing bad happens to the 2 thieves that stole Fonzi… I mean being pet owners themselves and all. I wonder what she would think if one day she came home and her horse was gone because someone thought it was being abused and they were just trying to “rescue” it… right Robin??

  2. This is an open forum for anyone to speak their mind, such as you. Their are a lot of people who share a similar opinion. The truth hurts. It means EVERYONE has to take responsibility.. This is a dead issue. Time to move on.

    1. Next topic of conversation: Diane solves world hunger all while hiding behind a computer and slinging comments out of her stink hole.

  3. To the people stating the women called the dog officer or police. Yes they did, but they didn’t report they had the dog, they reported a sighting. Later the police interviewed the women and they LIED about having the dog. After DAYS of an investigation, the women finally told the truth, that they had the dog. I’m sure the police had better things to do at their hourly rate. These two women should have brought the dog to the police department and shared their concerns. Again THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION IN LYING TO THE POLICE.

  4. I love reading these posts from people who are commenting on something they don’t have all the information about. I guess all you people bashing these two girls believe the same as these people who own the dog do, that you should not take care of the your pet, who supposedly you claim you love, you should neglect your so called family member, by letting him wander around limping and matted up with sores under the clumps of fur, and maybe while your beloved pet is wandering every day loose in the middle of the street, it could get hit or maybe better yet cause a motor vehicle accident from someone trying to stop in time from hitting the animal, which could even result in a fatality. And in the meantime, we should keep paying our dog officers to do nothing , but turn a blind eye and not enforce the leash laws, which are in place not only to protect the animal but also the motorists. You people posting the “out for blood” are probably their friends or people who are quick to judge without having all the facts. Even the people who frequent their road have even testified to the fact that the dog is seen limping and wandering the street ALL THE TIME, yet why no one is looking at them for their irresponsible pet ownership. Maybe it is because they have money and we know how that works. If you are fortunate enough to be well off, then you can do anything you feel like doing and not be held accountable. Maybe these girls did not go about it the right way, and maybe they felt their words would fall on deaf ears, like that doesn’t happen often especially in animal neglect cases, but they were trying to do what they felt was best for the dog. Their good intentions were there. All you people can have your opinions, but you look real foolish when you don’t even have the facts and you are supporting the neglecters and attacking the people who are trying to defend something that does not have a voice. The dog was not just stolen from someone’s yard, it was found wandering and limping, and was taken in and cared for. YOU PEOPLE DEFINITELY MUST NOT KNOW WHAT THE DOG REALLY LOOKED LIKE BEFORE AND HOW IT LOOKS NOW. The picture that is posted, was picked for a reason, to make the owners appear to be good pet owners. THEY REALLY FOOLED YOU PEOPLE. You really think they are going to post what the dog really looks like, when it will make them look bad, REALLY??!!!! And so the saying goes “NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED”. Shame on the pet owner who has money to take trips, but none for putting up a fence to help keep their dog safe or even use to take better care of their dog. Ever hear of the pet groomers, they even come to your house now.

    1. I guess it is like the people who get arrested because they broke someone ‘s window because the owner locked the dog in a hot car. Nothing happenes to them. Well i do know some states are doing something about it now. But you are right money does talk.
      People do jump to conclusions alot. I do hope it gets straighten out and this poor dog doesnt end up dead.

    2. I’m not sure how Diane knows about the owner’s travel habits, but what is known to everyone is simple. Two criminals stole personal property. The personal property has been returned with police intervention. The criminals should be punished.

      All this other garbage is nothing but hearsay from people with nothing better to do than verbally bash the victims. Let’s just be happy that it’s resolved.

      Shall we start another conversation? Most of you idiots must think that it’s okay to rape a person that is known to be promiscuous, right?

  5. Per the Town of Mendon bylaws, section 10.1 “No person shall own or keep in the Town any dog which by biting, excessive barking, howling, or being at large or in any other manner becomes a public nuisance. Any unspayed female dog in
    season shall be deemed a public nuisance when not confined indoors
    by the owner thereof, or housed in a veterinarian hospital or registered clinic. ***No person owning or keeping a dog shall permit such dog to be at large, loose or unattended in any street or public place**** or allow it upon the premises of anyone other than the owner or keeper of such dog without the permission of the owner or occupant of such premises. ”
    So, the problem started with the owner not following the law; if she had been compliant, none of the other events would have occurred.
    If you find an unkempt dog wandering in and out of traffic, and no-one around can tell you where he belongs (other than to say he’s been seen wandering around the neighborhood often), and animal control does not respond when you call them…what are you supposed to do? Leave him to die? In a crisis situation, you do the best you can with the information available. (And no, I don’t know either girl – I’ve just read quite a bit about the situation, including seeing pictures of the dog and the condition he was in when found).

    1. take to the local pd or the nearest vet….each town is contracted with a clinic somewhere where strays are taken if there isn’t a facility within the town where the aco oversees animal infractions….
      i understand getting involved, and doing ANY and ALL things possible to be the mouth for the innocents, but take it to where something WILL be pursued and corrected…no matter who has done what. it sounds like the pet is licensed and it is that owner’s responsibility to care for their pet…there are laws protecting the animal…but, wise humans also made sure to maintain the laws stating that all pets are under the usda guidelines too…..seriously, BOTH sides of this situation cannot be right! remember, it’s the doggies welfare that is primary. let’s not lose site of that.
      someone who knows either of these involved should contact a boston or worcester or rhode island main news station and encourage THEM to get all the facts, if the authorities in mendon won’t..and get this doggie the best life possible….for the rest of it!

    2. Good find Kimberly, but you conveniently left out the title of that section which is “Public Nuisance”. This particular dog was never reported as such and is well known as being very friendly and happy.

  6. Hello. Well I have seen this dog in the road many times. There belove Fonzie looked nothing like the picture. He was very ratty and had a yellowish coat and full of Matt’s and had a really bad limp to. Im willing to bet I’ve seen him in the road 8 out of 9 times driven threw there. I live a few towns form there. The girls took him took way better care of him then they have. There always to sides to the story. Every one is so quick to judge them.there was a call to the police station. I have seen screen shots of them floating around. there are also pictures of how he was found floating around to

    1. The dog gets out often and goes up the street to a more heavily traveled street often with large trucks. Suppose the two young ladies just ignored the wandering dog and there was an accident and the dog was injured or worse human life was lost. How does this dog get out so often does it just open the door and go for a walk?? I don”t think so. Or is it tied up and gets loose?? Is there a leash law in the town of Mendon? I’m curious how many complaint calls the ACO and or the MPD received regarding this particular dog?? Any one want to guess how long that call sheet is, as they would be on record.
      These ladies did not do a bad thing by stopping this dog from wandering along a heavily traveled street they did not kidnap the dog they took care of the dog. Just think suppose the dog got hit who would you want to punish then the driver of the vehicle, the persons who saw the dog, or the owner for allowing the dog to wander free as they have said the dog gets out a lot.

  7. The Mendon Police should charge the owner with neglect and allowing a dog to run loose. She admitted the dog gets out a lot “but usually only goes to the top of the hill then turns around and comes home.” Really? The girls who took the dog may have seen it out before, perhaps they thought they were doing the right thing by trying to save it’s life, seeing as the owner didn’t seem to care.

  8. To the Mendon Police Dept., PLEASE follow through to your fullest power, these two females that took Fonzi away from it’s loving family, which there were children involved, made an intentional THEFT, and if yo ever lost a dog whom has been part of yor family, you would know the pain and heartache that stays within your heart along with many tears and emotional worries. I am truly glad Fonzi is back home. Punish the two woman to the fullest that the LAW permits! Notify us of the court date and lets hope that most of us can be there on FONZI’S BEHALF!!!! Nancy Jenkins a Mendon Resident

    1. Nancy you are correct these people love their dog and come from a loving family no one can judge something like this when they don’t know these people!! These people stole them from their family!

  9. and felony charges for abuse of an animal is now able to be done…emotional abuse!
    what psychological damage this has done to this beautiful doggie is animal abuse and they should be charged to the fullest extent of the law…’s time these very sick people start to get it. especially if these two women are “iknown” to the authorities, even more so should felony charges be sought.
    if we don’t speak out for those with no voice…who will??!!!
    thanking G-d this furbaby is home…safe, sound and still gorgeous!

      1. if that’s what an investigation shows, then by all means….
        everyone seems to be forgetting about the welfare of the doggie!
        and if what all that you’ve lambasted back is the truth, then MAYbe that
        impetus to properly care for their beloved pet has now hit the brain cells….
        G-d help the humans involved to care enough to care about the outcome
        for the pet….and that is a loving, safe, cared for environment for the rest
        of his life!

  10. Fonzi is so happy to be home!! Everyone was great helping me find him.. He had 3 dinners tonight and my kids keep giving him treats we are so happy to see him. Thank you everyone

    1. If you did a better job of keeping Fonzi in your yard this never would’ve happened. You should try being a better dog owner.

    2. Glad you got your dog back, do not let these people here make you feel bad. Every body’s perfect when they don’t know the facts.

  11. I hope the police do not drop the charges at a later date. I would be devastated if Fonzi were my dog. Lots of hours of community service should be forthcoming.

      1. Diane…If you were my dog, I would of had you put down a long time ago. You’ve obviously lost your mind and shouldn’t be forced to suffer.

  12. What made these girls think the dog was in distress???? Obviously they don’t have good judgment and didn’t have any intentions on returning him. If anything they put a happy family dog INTO distress themselves by taking him. I’m glad Fonzi is safely home with him family.

    1. Do you know the entire story? The dog gets out on a regular basis. If they loved the dog they would figure out a way to keep him at home!

      1. why don’t you shut up Jane? Let me guess one of these low life scrum that took the dog is either a relatively or a friend of yours? So obviously you share in their lowlife scrum morals and ideals?

    2. To the “scrum” woman. Are you blonde, if not you should be, you seem to be having a blonde moment. You are talking out your ass and it shows. You are supporting letting your pets run through the streets loose, limping with matts of fur covering its body and sores underneath the matts. I hope you do not have pets and I am happy that I am not one of yours, since this is how you feel a family pet should be treated. If you are so hot to prosecute the two girls, then you would have to prosecute the owners for aiding and abetting in this by allowing their dog to wander wherever and neglecting its care. You even have the residents that frequent the area attesting to the fact of the dog running loose all the time in the street and it limping about. You really shouldn’t be judging the two girls without knowing all the facts and circumstances. I have seen the before and after pictures, and the dog was better cared for by the girls than the owner. How sad is that. Even others who have seen the condition of the dog before and how it looks now, agree that the girls did a better job caring for him than the owners. Who is the one with the low-life morals, who believes in the mistreatment of animals..

      1. “Diane”, you should really just stop. My advice, shut the hell up before I expose you.

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