Former New England Patriot Chris Sullivan Addressed Miscoe Students and Parents about the Perils of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

On March 3, 2016, Chris Sullivan, former New England Patriot, spoke to Miscoe Hill Students about how drugs and alcohol ended up costing him $6 million, his career, legal troubles and almost his life. Sullivan’s addiction forever changed his life and he hopes by sharing his story he will help kids to “just say no.”

Miscoe Principal Ann Meyer said Sullivan’s presentation was geared toward middle school students. Parents were invited to Miscoe in the evening for a special presentation by Sullivan.

This was the first year Miscoe had this type of presentation at the school. “If our programming this year can cause one child not to use heroin or opioids then it will have been well worth it.” said Meyer.

Avoiding drug related programming in the middle school does not prepare students moving to high school, Meyer said.

A great percentage of students state that they have stress in their lives and stress is a pre-curser for drug and alcohol use said, Meyer. Sullivan spoke about how social anxiety and depression contributed to his addiction. He encouraged students to set goals and talk about things before turning to drugs as the answer.

Data shows students from supportive families, who are doing well in school, and involved in many outside activities are the ones becoming heroin addicts. The opposite of what one may think.

Meyer said the presentation went extremely well. “The children were as engaged as the staff in the room. The students loved him and the staff really thought he did a great job with the presentations for our grade levels,” she said.

Parents had the ability to opt their children out of the presentation. Meyer was pleased to share that approximately 99.9 percent of the students at Miscoe attended Sullivan’s presentation.

A highlight of the presentation was when Sullivan passed around his super bowl ring for everyone to hold.


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  1. Derek Sanderson former Boston Bruins player also gave a talk at Miscoe Hill. It was a while ago. I remember because I introduced him to the school. His story was eye opening. I remember it vividly and I was only in the sixth grade! I think it was around 1987…. these talks are great for middle schoolers. I know I always remembered as a teen what the drugs did to his body, that one talk is what probably kept me from ever experimenting. ..

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