Pink Flamingos are Migrating..beware you might get flocked!


What would you do if you woke up one morning and saw a flock of pink flamingos roosting on your lawn?

Beware, this is happening all over Mendon and Upton.

An informant has advised Upton Daily that the Nipmuc Warrior Club is responsible for the flocks recent migration.

The migrant birds are extremely territorial and experts advise the only way to get them off your lawn is by hiring skilled removal technicians who are able to relocate the flock.  Unfortunately, the Flamingos only way of survival is to find another lawn to inhabit.

A longtime Upton resident who wished to remain anonymous said, “I have been waiting to see a flock land in my yard for years, this is so exciting.”

“I was concerned when I heard the noise out front,” said  U. P. Ton of Mendon. “When I discovered the noise was the flock being relocated to my yard, well I was just thrilled,” he said.

Don Men of Upton felt a little differently, “I couldn’t wait for these annoying pests to be removed. When the technicians came to remove the birds they asked me where to relocate the flock…. I cant’ wait to see my neighbor’s face tomorrow!”

According to the Upton Daily informant, the flocks were brought in by the Nipmuc Warrior Club as a fun way to raise money.

Note from the editor:  cute Shih Tzu not included with flocking

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