Upton Opioid Task Force

DT_150731_prescription_pad_pills_opioids_800x600Do you know anyone or a family dealing with the challenges of opioid/narcotic abuse? The Town of Upton is committed to helping those in need by providing contact and resource information.

Opioid/narcotic abuse has reached epidemic proportions in our country today. More than four people die everyday in Massachusetts from overdose alone. Most people have been either directly affected by the epidemic or they know someone who has been affected. This epidemic knows no socioeconomic, geographic, racial or cultural boundaries.

The use of opioids may start after surgery for a sports injury, joint replacement, or wisdom teeth removal. The addictive nature of opioids can then lead to abuse of the painkillers, and in some cases to the use of heroin.

In Upton, the Selectmen, Chief of Police, Fire Chief, Board of Health, Council of Aging, and Regional School District recognize the need for education and resources concerning opiate use and abuse for both individuals and families.   Upton’s leadership created a task force that is partnering with a local community outreach organization, Community Impact Inc., The goal of the newly formed partnership is to provide education, referrals to treatment, and resources for those in need.

Further articles will provide more detailed information and resources identifying substance abuse as a disease and the stigma associated with this disease, signs and symptoms of abuse, red flags or behaviors associated with substance use/abuse, including objects you may find in your home that indicate opioid abuse. The Upton Town website will be providing in the near future an Opioid Impact tab that will list a number of resources and supports for individuals, families, and loved ones dealing with an addiction. Please check out the Upton Town website, www.uptonma.gov.

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