Who Owns Upton Daily?

uptondaily1pngI’ve been writing Upton Daily for over three years now and the question still pops up.

So what is Upton Daily and who owns it?

Upton Daily is a hyperlocal news blog written by stay-at-home mom Jennifer Doyle, me.

I started the blog in March of 2013 because there was no daily online news for Upton. I wanted to provide a service where the focus of the coverage would be Upton. I was looking to highlight all the great things about our community in a daily online format. I also wanted a place where people could obtain up to the minute information about road closures, power outages, breaking news wherever they were.

When will Upton Daily monetize the site?

At the present time, Upton Daily does not sell any advertising. I write the blog for free. I may switch to an ad based format in the future but right now I enjoy writing the blog and don’t want to worry about pleasing advertisers. I have been approached by other news organizations to merge but I’m not willing to give up control over content at this time.

How does Upton Daily decide what to cover?

Basically, I just try to keep on top of what’s happening in the community. I  also watch most of the school committee and selectman meetings and will cover topics that I find interesting.

How to get an event or topic highlighted in Upton Daily?

There are two options, you can submit a post or you can request the event or topic be highlighted in Upton Daily. Email me and we can figure out if it’s something I can follow up on or if it’s something you can submit.

If you have any tips for posts or just have a few questions email me at jenniferd@uptondaily.com.

How to follow Upton Daily?

There are a few ways to follow Upton Daily.

Follow by email. Receive daily digests of Upton Daily posts directly in your inbox. On the top right-hand corner of this post is a place where you can enter your email to receive posts in your inbox.

Follow via Facebook. If you like the Upton Daily Facebook page Upton Daily blog posts will show up in your Facebook newsfeed.

Follow via Twitter to receive Upton Daily tweets. I would recommend following on twitter in addition to another format. I live tweet town meetings and other events. I also retweet a lot of good stuff that isn’t always covered in the blog. Fair warning, my twitter account  covers both the life and times of Jennifer Doyle as well as Upton Daily.

Why wasn’t a specific event or achievement highlighted?

I probably didn’t know about it or wasn’t able to attend.

Any space limitations for submissions?

No. There are no space or time restrictions for submission. Just send it to jenniferd@uptondaily.com. Please remember I am just one person. I try my best to respond within 24 hours.



  1. Thank you for your contribution to the community. I’m sure it takes up countless hours each week plus trying to handle breaking news whenever it happens. It is appreciated.

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