Representative Muradian reminds 9th Worcester District that state tax amnesty program runs through May 31, 2016

State Representative Muradian (R-Grafton) is pleased to announce that the Department of Revenue (DOR) has launched a new tax amnesty program for certain qualifying businesses and individuals.

The tax amnesty, which is available through May 31, is open to businesses and individuals who did not file a tax return, or under-reported the amount of tax owed on a previously filed return that was due on or before December 31, 2015, with some exceptions.  As part of the amnesty program, DOR is also offering a three-year limited lookback period on unfiled returns for taxpayers who have not been previously contacted by DOR.

During the amnesty period, DOR will waive any penalties and the interest on those penalties for qualifying taxpayers who file a delinquent or amended return, provided that they pay the outstanding tax and interest owed to the state before the May 31 deadline.

“The tax amnesty program offers a great opportunity for individuals to reduce their tax burden without facing the penalties typically associated with late filings and payments,” stated Representative Muradian.

The House Republican Caucus has actively sponsored and supported a series of targeted tax amnesties over the years.  The most recent Caucus-sponsored tax amnesty, conducted over a two-month period in 2014, netted $69.1 million in outstanding taxes for the state.  A more limited corporate tax amnesty offered by the Baker-Polito Administration in 2015 collected over $18.6 million.

The 2016 tax amnesty program does not cover existing tax liabilities, and other qualifying restrictions apply.  For example, the new amnesty program will not be available to any taxpayer who:

  • has been or is the subject of a tax-related criminal investigation or prosecution;
  • has previously filed a false or fraudulent return or statement;
  • files a fraudulent amnesty return;
  • delivers or discloses a false or fraudulent application, document, or other statement to DOR in connection with a tax amnesty application; or
  • has signed a settlement agreement with the Department’s Litigation Bureau, Office of Appeals, or Offer-in-Settlement Unit for tax periods covered under the MA 2016 tax amnesty

Representative Muradian encourages residents of Grafton, Northbridge, and Upton to see if they qualify for the new tax amnesty program by visiting, or by calling DOR’s Amnesty Line at 617-887-6655.

Tax amnesty applications are available at  All amnesty returns and payments must be submitted electronically to DOR no later than 11:59 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time on Tuesday, May 31.


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