Mendon Upton Regional Teachers Association Endorses Ken Picard For Selectman

116fe70The Mendon Upton Regional Teachers Association is proud to endorse Ken Picard for the office of Selectman.  Our Association asked both candidates about their positions on important education issues.  While both pledge support for our schools, Selectman Picard has a strong record of doing just that.  During his tenure as Selectman, Ken Picard has stood up for the children of the Mendon-Upton Regional School District.  His letters to the citizens of Upton (dated April 30, and May 17, 2015) urging them to support the school district by voting for the override are a testimony to the stand he is willing to take for our students.  As an Association committed to education and committed to our students, we are compelled to endorse a candidate who has demonstrated a strong commitment to our students over a candidate who admits to having “reluctantly” supported the override.  Ken has worked with school district officials at budget time. He has communicated a desire to understand the financial needs of our schools. In addition, he has advocated for the taxpayers of Upton.  This work has resulted in a budgets that the citizens have supported.

Furthermore, Ken Picard’s commitment to the citizens of our community, especially our young people, is demonstrated in his work on Upton’s first Opioid Task Force.  This courageous work is critical to the health and safety of our community. As educators, we couldn’t be more proud to teach in a community where this epidemic is being fought by our Selectmen in cooperation with other town leaders and community stakeholders.

For the above reasons, we support Ken Picard for Upton Selectman. Ken is a long time proponent of public education and has a record of supporting our school district. We hope all citizens who value public education and who have an interest in continuing to move the Mendon Upton Regional School District forward, will come out Monday to support Selectman Picard at the polls!


The Mendon Upton Regional Teacher’s Association

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