Upton Daily Endorses Ken Picard

116fe70This year, Upton voters are fortunate in having a choice between two candidates running for selectman . Both men are committed to public service in their personal lives and enthusiastic about serving the community as a Board member.

On careful examination, however, it seems clear that Ken Picard has by far the most experience for that position, having served several years on the Board of Selectmen and Planning Board. His experience gives him a deep insight into all of the town’s functions, needs and priorities, and provides an invaluable base for the task of selectman.

Ken’s record demonstrates his strong support for all Town Services including the Mendon-Upton Regional School District and BVT. Ken is a proponent of last year’s override and wrote several letters to the community urging a “yes” vote while his opponent, Gary Daugherty,  said he “reluctantly” supported the override. Ken’s understanding of how all town services would have been adversely impacted if the overide were to have failed is important to note.

Transparency and providing information to the voter is important to Ken. He has written several open letters to the community as a way to get information out, to explain what is happening, why, and the impact. He implemented a monthly BOS newsletter to keep voters in the loop and he has worked to have Upton listed on cleargov.com/massachusetts where the state shares Upton’s financial history and allows residents to compare Upton to similar communities.

He understands the burden on taxpayers of living in a bedroom community and has been diligent in his effort to keep taxes down. He was involved in the implementation of regionalizing services which lowers the cost without losing the quality.

What impresses me most about Ken is his drive to be a leader that is honest and his desire to create a positive impact on the community. He is truly a man with integrity who uses his energy and commitment for the benefit of all Upton citizens.

Ken always puts the community first. This year he was the driving force behind creating Upton’s Opioid Task Force to help citizens with the opioid epidemic. He saw a gap and filled it, he understands how critical the issue is to the health and safety of our community.

It is obvious that Ken truly loves our town and gives himself to help improve our community. I hope you join me in supporting Ken.












  1. Richard, have you spoken with Gary since my write up on him. I am surprised by this comment. After I sat down with Gary I typed up the piece and sent it to him for review. I advised him he could add, delete, and change anything in the article. So in case there was something I missed that he wanted in he could add it, if there was something he wanted changed he could change it. If there was something he didn’t want in he could remove it. He took me up on that offer and made several changes to the piece entitled Upton Daily Meet Gary Daugherty Candidate For Selectman. That was a great opportunity and an opportunity for him to get his messaging out. I have printed letters on his behalf and his own letter. So how I am not telling the whole story, I don’t get it. This post is an endorsement and gives my reasoning on why Upton Daily decided to support Ken.

  2. Upton Residents,
    I am choosing to comment on this article to ensure that the citizens of Upton are fully informed regarding the above endorsement by the Upton daily.
    I am 11 year resident of Upton, a homeowner, a father of 6th grader at Miscoe, and a concerned citizen of the operation of Upton’s Town government. Gary and I share many of the same viewpoints on what is important in Town politics.
    As a close friend of Gary Daugherty’s, I understand why he chose to enter his candidacy as a Selectmen for Upton. It originates from strong desire to change what is broken in Town, and believe me he’s just the person to do it.
    In their above article, the Upton Daily writes that last year’s override was “reluctantly” supported by Gary, without further elaboration of why he feels this way. His cautious comment stems from other Town departments actions and not those of the MURSD. Gary’s frustration is generated when the override is utilized as a tool for some of the other Town’s departments to throw their name into the cash bowl for reasons that are never explained. This is what upsets Gary. The lack of detail and justification of why these other monies are necessary. His dissatisfaction is derived from a deficiency of transparency and not a lack of support for the education of the children of Upton. Gary is a big proponent of the school system. He has supported and praised efforts by the MURSD. Why wouldn’t he when he has a vested interest with his own daughter being a student?
    The Upton Daily is not telling the whole story above, and I thought you should all know. I’m voting for Gary on Monday, because he’s the modification that will hold Upton’s Town government accountable with their spending, which to date is often a mystery.

    Richard J. Golden

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