Letter: Please Attend the Upton Town Meeting Thursday May 5


  1. Our town spends money like a drunken sailor at port. I will be pushing for this underride, and encourage all residents to do the same.

  2. Yes we are here again, thank goodness, the original override was a masterstroke of fear-mongering and political deception. A coup of policy to vote on an issue until the stranglehold politicians got the vote that they wanted. Its time to hold the town government accountable to operate within their means instead of constantly reaching into the taxpayers pockets to support their excesses.

    Schools are important, I will have 2 children our school system and I want them to have the best possible education, but instead of reaching into my pockets every year as well as my neighbor’s, who have no children to benefit from the overrides, do what every other corporation does and find areas to cut spending. Perhaps we don’t need 23 employees at our Police department, perhaps we don’t need a $140,000/year town manager, perhaps our Police department doesn’t need to spend $179,000/year in overtime. And maybe if these are truly necessities, our leaders can also do what corporations do and find ways to create new revenue streams such as having a more business friendly approach to attract businesses to add to the tax revenue.

    What people need to understand is that like a teenager with your ATM card, it won’t stop until we tell them “NO”. It’s time to task our leaders to lead and think creatively because the path of least resistance leads right back to our pockets…every year.

  3. I cannot believe we are back in this place again! Please attend the town meeting and preserve all of the hard work in Upton and Mendon.

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