Mendon – #noducklingleftbehind

13178058_1042692825796852_6009566809126917377_nIn Mendon no duckling is left behind.

Yesterday at approximately 4:15 p.m. a resident called the fire department to report several ducklings had fallen through a grate into a storm drain on North Ave and the mother duck was screaming for them.

Mendon Fire was joined by the Police and the Highway Department. It took about 90 minutes to devise a plan and rescue the seventeen trapped ducklings with the assistance of some helpful residents.

According to police, the mother duck watched the rescue from under a pine tree across the street.

It’s not uncommon for ducklings to get stuck in storm drains in the spring.

For Mendon Public Safety, it was just another day of being someone’s heroes.

Source – Lt. Dave Kurczy of  Mendon

photos courtesy of Mendon Public Safety


  1. I just love Happy Endings like that. Congrats and thanks to all the people that came to the rescue!

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