Looks like someone will soon have a rafter of Turkeys in their neighborhood

A nest of turkey eggs was discovered in a Mendon backyard after a the family dog brought back an egg instead of his ball during a game of fetch. The egg was replaced in the nest and the pup is on a short leash for now. The mother turkey has returned to the nest to take care of her eggs.

conrtributed photo


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  1. Cool picture Jen – keep up the good work!

  2. James Maloney says:

    If they are domestic they are a Rafter, if they are wild they are a Flock.

    • oh, when I googled I found an article which said they are often mistakenly called a flock, so I wanted to look smart… guess I don’t have that going for me LOL

  3. Love plural nouns! Never heard “rafter” before. Cool, thanks.

    PS ever hear of an eloquence of blog writers?

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