Upton Says No To Under-Ride


At the Annual Town Meeting on May 5, Upton voters passed over Article 28 which sought an under-ride to essentially reverse last year’s 1.4 million over-ride for the school district. Article 28 was petitioned by Upton resident Donald Taylor.

Article 28 was petitioned by Upton resident Donald Taylor.

In addition to seeking the under-ride, Taylor moved to reduce the school budget line item in Article 3 by 1.4 million dollars at Thursday night’s meeting.

Taylor said the district isn’t using their funds effectively and expressed concerns about the district’s internet speed and their contract with Charter Communications.

By increasing the internet speed, Taylor said the students could take online courses which would cut staffing costs.

The over-ride could have been avoided, Taylor said, if the district had negotiated with Verizon vs. Charter as Verizon could provide faster internet speeds.

“We are well above Federal Target as far as internet speed,” said School Committee Chairman Phil DeZutter.

Upton is part of a regional school district with Mendon and because of this  DeZutter said, “A reduction of 1.4 million in this line item will drive a 1.4 million reduction in Mendon and decimate the school budget.”

Former School Committee Member Christopher Russo said, “Dr. Taylor is completely wrong.”

After further discussion a resident asked to move the question and the Town overwhelming rejected Dr. Taylors request to cut the school budget line item by 1.4 million dollars.

Later in the evening Dr. Taylor moved to pass over his own article, Article 28 –  the under-ride request.

The Town voted with an overwhelming majority to pass over Article 28.

What does that mean?  Upton defeated the under-ride.



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