Upton Men’s Club Fireworks Are Tonight – What You Need To Know About Parking and Traffic

fireworks (1)

Are you ready for some Fireworks!

Today is the big day.. the Upton Men’s Club Fireworks festival.

Festivities will begin at 4 p.m.  at Blackstone Valley Tech located on Pleasant Street in Upton.

There will be inflatables, live music by Neon Alley, and of course FIREWORKS at dusk!

The Fireworks Display is funded 100% by donations.  Donations can be made at the entry gate.

Some housekeeping items from the Upton Police below…

At the conclusion of the fireworks display, NO traffic will be permitted to enter Pleasant Street (from Maple Avenue or Mendon Street) for approximately 30 minutes. This is to effectively allow vehicles to exit the area without creating a gridlock situation. There will be a high volume of traffic attempting to leave the area at the same time, so delays can be expected.

It is suggested that parents picking up their children after the event have a predetermined meeting location, and be aware of the delay in entering Pleasant Street.

When parking in the area, please check to make sure you are not violating any parking restrictions and that emergency vehicles of all sizes will be able to pass in the event of an emergency. Vehicles are subject to fines and being towed if they are found to pose a hazard to public safety.



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