Rebecca’s Place 3 is moving!


Rebecca’s Place 3 announced on social media they are moving after July 4 and will reopen in August at their new location, 3 Farm Street Upton.

Here is the announcement…

So the put an end to rumors, yes Rebecca’s Place 3 is moving in July (after the 4th of July), we are staying in Upton and we are relocating to 3 Farm Street (next to the Upton Senior Center ) it’s literally 10 buildings down the street! We plan on reopening by end of August (fingers crossed )….bigger place, better parking, expanding our kitchen so we can speed up your breakfast. …awesome landlord! We will do our best to reopen as quickly as we can! Watch our Facebook page for details and the progress. We are hiring for the new location, please message me to set up an interview! We are thankful that we can stay right here in Upton #movingfeeling determined at Rebecca’s Place 3

photo courtesy of Rebecca’s Place 3


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