1. id be interested in reading more about the finances of this story. for example; our apo charges $25 per day/ per animal kennel fee. separate from other fines.

  2. Y’all know me, y’all know how I make a living. I’ll catch the cats for ya but it ain’t gonna be easy. Bad cats, not like going down the pond and catching tabby cats. This cat, swallow you whole. I’ll find them for 3 but I’ll catch em for 10. I don’t want no volunteers no mates, to many cats in this town. 10,000 for me by myself. For that you get the head, tail, the whole damn thing.

  3. Buster is rolling in his grave! He and his wife took such pride in their home and kept it up to imacculate standards. It’s so very sad to see their relatives allow their beautiful home disintegrate into a feral cat sanctuary. This home used to be impeccibly kept…it’s so very sad to see how low and disgusting their relatives allowed this property to become.

  4. Interesting thatremoved.news is now reporting 8, yes, 8, cats removed. That’s a huge difference from “hundreds” of cats removed.

    1. Apparently they have only removed 8 cats at this time; however, the MSPCA will be entering the premise tomorrow to try round up additional animals, numbers unknown

  5. The Board of Health in town had been notified numerous times and sought to do nothing about it. We as neighbors were told that it is a very difficult thing to do as to condemning the house and getting the cats out, and each time were told that, we made mention of other towns that seemed to have no problem getting it done. I think that our BOH did not take it seriously. And living so close to all of this, we could not enjoy time outside in our own yard because of the strong cat urine smell. I know for a fact that one of the sisters lived in Milford, Ma and she had a house and an apartment condemned because of cats and this was brought to the attention of our BOH .

  6. This is very sad for everyone. It is hard to believe that the MSPCA would allow these women to keep 2 cats each time the cats are removed. The women are most likely animal hoarders and need help to realize that even though they think they are “helping” the cats, they really aren’t. Many of these animals probably have fleas and health conditions that will require many of them to be put down. Plus the poor neighbors. The smell has to be terrible! Why isn’t the town of Upton doing something to prevent this situation? Having this situation occur more than once is just cruel! I love cats, I own cats, but I would never have more cats than I could take care of properly, which includes spay/neuter and yearly vet visits.

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