Yes, you really do you have time to workout on vacation!



No Excuses Do Anywhere Bodyweight Workout

submitted by Upton Daily Health and Fitness Columnist Christine Silvestri owner of Mashup Fitness

Yes, you really do have time to workout! Even on vacation! This 5-minute workout requires NO equipment  and will get your heart pumping. It also works all the major muscles!

***Always Warm Up the Joints before you workout for about 5 minutes.  Remember to Cool-Down & Stretch afterwards!*****

Complete each exercise until 5 minutes are done

25 Jumping Jacks

25 Crunches (mini sit ups, do not pull on neck)

25 Box Jumps (or step ups. Use steps, bench or curb. Do squats if no bench)

25 Push Ups (elbows back, not out. If on knees, no butt’s in the air! J )

If you want a longer workout, take a 1-2 minute break depending on fitness level and repeat the circuit for another 5 minutes.

Get creative and swap in any of your favorite exercises. Remember to hydrate

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