BBQ at BVT Welcomes New Students

BVT BBQ 2016-3.JPG

Seen here promoting the BVT Girls Volleyball Team are (left to right) junior Cosmetology student Meghan Leacy of Upton, junior Health Services student Priya Patel of Douglas, junior Culinary Arts student Elizabeth Stallcup of Upton, and senior Multimedia Communications student Krysta Coates of Northbridge.

It was the first taste of life at Blackstone Valley Tech – both literally and figuratively – for the Class of 2020 at the annual Freshmen and New Student Cookout held on Thursday, August 18. The popular event gives new students and their families a stress free opportunity to meet BVT staff, get acquainted with the school, and introduce themselves to other students all while enjoying hamburgers and hotdogs on the front lawn of the school.

Among the more than 2,000 guests gathered throughout the school, Stephanie Ferdandes of Uxbridge said both her daughter and her son are among the 310 incoming freshmen.

“I love that at BVT the students are given an opportunity to learn about multiple different fields before deciding on one,” Fernandes said. “It gives students a way to really discover their passions and what they want to do in the future.”

Remembering how nerve-wracking walking into a new school can be, many BVT sophomores, juniors, and seniors spent the afternoon at the cookout providing advice, information, and a friendly face to the new students. The girls’ volleyball team took the opportunity to let students become familiar with the team and give advice to the incoming freshmen.

“I want all the new freshmen to know that everyone is nervous, but they shouldn’t be scared. This is a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and try new things,” said Meghan Leacy, a junior Cosmetology student from Upton.
Other students took the opportunity to simple introduce themselves to incoming students as a way to provide comfort to them.

“I know how nerve wracking it can be to come to a new school where you might not know anyone. I want to help calm their nerves by introducing myself and just being a familiar face for the new students when we all return,” said Elizabeth Stallcup, a junior Culinary Arts student from Upton.

With the nervous butterflies extinguished, freshmen and new students returned to BVT on Friday, August 19 for orientation. The first day of school for all grades took place on August 22. Since 1997, BVT has voluntarily operated under an extended school year calendar of 193 teaching-days.

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