Children’s Lemonade Stand Raises Funds For Louisiana Flood Victims

Earlier this week, a group of kind and loving children of Upton joined together to raise money for Louisiana Flood Victims with the help of United Parish Christian Education Director Jessica Murphy.

The theme of the day – When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade For Louisiana Flood Victims. The kids made and sold lemonade throughout the day on the lawn of United Parish of Upton.

“The children were able to raise a whopping $760.00, thanks to the overwhelming support of our community,” said Jessica Murphy.

“One hundred percent of the money will go to The First United Methodist Church in Baton Rouge; one of the many organizations involved with clean up in the parts of the city hit hard by relentless flooding,” she said.

“The children who participated in the Lemonade stand educated customers about the horrors of the floods and handed out fliers that listed much needed supplies,” said Murphy.

“We are so proud of our local young citizens,” she said.

Murphy said, “A special thank you goes out to The Upton Police Department, who helped kick off the event and even took time to pose for pictures and to the United Parish of Upton who opened up the church property to hold the Lemonade Stand.”

The  United Parish of Upton is working in conjunction with the Mendon Upton Louisiana Flood Relief Group to raise funds, collect donations, and raise awareness of the needs of those devastated by the floods.

The Mendon Upton Louisiana Flood Relief is a group started by three cousins in Massachusetts, all who have family down in Baton Rouge.

“We currently have drop off sites in Upton, Wayland, and Turners Falls, MA,” Murphy said. “Several members of our group are also working with their churches to collect supplies including Vineyard Church of Hopkinton and the Congregational Church of Grafton United Church of Christ,” she said.

If you are interested in helping out, please contact Jessica Murphy at

For more information on the group visit
A work crew is forming to offer man hours the last week in September.


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  1. Nice job kids! that is freaking amazing and beautiful. So much initiative in this world, there is hope for us yet on this planet! ❤ Love it!!

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