Demolition of 2 Grove Street Scheduled For Tomorrow


2 Grove Street

The demolition of one of Upton’s oldest commercial buildings,  2 Grove Street,  is scheduled to begin at 7:30 a.m. on Thursday, September 1.

At a Special Town Meeting in February of 2015, residents approved the purchase of 2 Grove Street for $80,000 with the intent of demolishing it in order to create additional parking for the Town Hall.

The Historical Commission opposed the demolition of the property due to the building’s historical significance. The building was built as a general store in 1833. Members of the Committee were hoping the building could be preserved.

A six month moratorium was placed on the demolition allowing the Historical Commission time to look at other options for preservation. The Town did look into relocating and restoration of the building but there was no interest. The moratorium has expired and demolition is set for tomorrow.

If you are not familiar with the street address you may remember some of the businesses which were located there; Bettano’s Italian Specialty Shop (2008), Piece of Cake (1999), Slavin’s Country Kitchen (1995), DJ’s Country Kitchen (1992), and Jim Gorman’s Variety Store.  Other businesses included Thompson’s, Deering’s Spa and Nahra’s.

The process of removing the building will take approximately six weeks, the demolition should be completed in a day.

All Town employees have been advised to park in the municipal (playground) parking lot which will allow town hall guests access to the lot at 1 Main Street.


Jim Gorman outside his store – 2 Grove Street. Date unknown. Photo courtesy of “Upton a Pictorial History”


  1. I remember when it was called Caper Corner. My grandfather would get his Sunday newspaper there after Mass at Holy Angels. If I was lucky, I would get some candy.

  2. Wow…for a parking lot?! Kind of a theme…just like the huge swath of town park land flattened at the height of nesting season this year at Pratt Pond…for about 3 handicap spaces, unused as of yet.

  3. Sad. For a parking lot. A lot of history there. But the history of us Upton lifer’s isn’t in the plans of the newcomers.

    Wonder what landmark they’ll knock down next?

  4. I guess I’m so out of touch with the community of Upton. I was against the destruction of this property (so that the town employees don’t have to walk the grand distance from the playground parking lot to the town hall) when it came up for a vote and I’m still against it. I will miss the building and hope the historical commission has made sure that anything of historical value that remains in the building and the old beams in the building are saved, but I kind of doubt it. This is not the same town that I chose to settle in some 40 odd years ago! I know things change, but you don’t have to destroy everything old. When you do that you lose the footprints that those who came before us left.

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