1. I’ve been complaining direct to Eversource via Twitter since early August about the numerous telemarketing calls we receive claiming to be from Eversource. Some days multiple calls, and easily several calls a week. We got one as recently as Tuesday and I clicked thru to speak with agent named “Bruce” with foreign accent. He too was focused on getting information from my power bill, admitted he is not affiliated with Eversource, and he didn’t even know who my electricity provider is, plus it’s not Eversource.

  2. I had a young man come by and say he was from National Grid and that he could help us lower costs if we went with their solar plan. When I said we had Eversource he said that National Grid was still the supplier and asked to see our National Grid bill which I didn’t have. Seemed legit to me but now I wonder. What he was saying didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. We only get bills from Eversource. I sent him on his way.

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