Annual hunting season reminder to BE SAFE, BE SEEN!

huntingseasonBelow is a reminder from Friends of Upton State Forest on keeping safe during hunting season.

Hi Everyone,

This is our annual reminder that the deer hunting seasons have begun and that you should be wearing orange when you use the forest. Some states require it, but MA only requires it for hunters, but it is voluntary and smart for everyone else to wear it. We can all share the forest safely if we use common sense. There is no hunting on Sunday in MA. Keep in mind that we all share the forest and hunting is limited to seasons.

This year the deer seasons are as follows:

Bow season: October 17 to November 20
Shotgun: November 28 to December 10
Muzzle loader: December 12 to December 31

We promote wearing highly visible clothing all year when you use the forest or walk/run/bike along the roads. During hunting season we recommend Blaze Orange which has been proven to be the most visible in the woods. Actually one of the original studies of the best color was done right here in Upton at Phillip’s Wildlife Lab (former CCC Camp) at Upton State Forest. Soldiers from Fort Devens were given different color vests to wear as they walked through the forest. Fish and Game personnel were stationed along the trails to record when each color became visible.

I am sharing a link to a video that demonstrates the difference in visibility it makes when you wear orange. The first time I shared it i had someone contact me to say how grateful they were. In the past they had worn an orange hat, but didn’t realize how much more effective it is to have another piece of orange clothing such as a vest or jacket. We also suggest that if you have a pet with you that you have orange on them too, and that they be leashed at Upton State Forest.

So, click to watch the video and BE SAFE, BE SEEN!

If you want to support FUSF we do carry a line of orange sweatshirts, hoodies and tees.

Happy Trails☺


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