Upton’s Young and Young at Heart Enjoy Halloween Festivities


It was a fun night for the young and the young at heart in Upton.

My neighborhood is a hot spot, we see hundreds of trick or treaters every year. This year my pup Kenne was a big hit; all the kids just loved him.

Each year the kids are always super cute and for the most part respectful. We had about 300 kids and only found 3 candy wrappers in our yard.

Tom and I enjoy seeing all the little ones. Some are super excited others are shy and very slowly pick their piece of candy. We also get a kick out of some of the crazy things kids say.  Here are a few from last night which cracked us up.

“Trick or Treat Smell My Feet”

“You Can Have My Autograph If You Want”

“Do You Have Any Bottled Water?” (no, sorry) “You’re A Poop”

Kid on phone “Hold on. Trick or Treat. Thank You. Yeah I’m Over Here I’m Heading Over There. I’ll see you in a few…”

“I Wonder What Flavor The Orange Lollypop Is”

The Trunk or Treat at United Parish and the Fire Department’s Halloween parade were a huge hit as usual.

It was fun and games as well as tricks and treats at the Upton Center’s annual Halloween Party.

Click on any photos to enlarge and begin slideshow.


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