Something fun and light-hearted for election day

I love the internet, it really is a gift from the universe.  While everyone was battling Clinton vs Trump tonight I was somehow able to escape all the bad energy and found myself lost in youtube.

What I should have really been doing was sewing for the Broadway Youth Dance Theater or writing more serious blog posts. I guess some people want news from Upton Daily.

But that’s not what happened in the Doyle house tonight. Instead I googled.

You all know how it starts, one simple search.

Tonight it started when I saw my niece posted some sappy meme about a boy on Facebook. You know, she wants him to change – it’s not going to happen, it never does.  I wanted to write on her page, “If someone is making  you feel that way he isn’t worth it!” But instead, I ended up googling the song “More Than Words” by Extreme.

Okay, you caught me, I watched it more than once – doesn’t everyone?

Then I discovered a video of Jack Black and Jimmy Fallon singing “More Than Words” in a side by side comparison of the original Extreme video; it was pretty amazing.

Then came googling actors who can sing. I remembered watching an amazing video of Robert Downey Jr.  It just took one quick search to find it. OMG, he is so talented and of course handsome! Watched that one more than once too.

From there I found Keven Spacey singing a classic, only watched that one once. He’s got a sweet voice though.

Next up on the playlist was Gwyneth Paltrow singing with Huey Lewis then Stephen Colbert doing broadway.

Where did my googling end? What was the final video of the night?

Well of course it was Styx because apparently I have “Too Much Time On My Hands” and it is one of the funniest videos ever!

So my advice to you on this election day. Don’t get stressed out, instead google videos.


  1. LOL. We’ve all done it. Love Kevin Spacey and I didn’t know RObert Downey Jr could sing. He sounds a lot like Sting. And there’s nothing funnier than 70’s clothes and hair except maybe 80;’s hair and clothes. 🙂

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