BVT Goes the Extra Mile to Celebrate their Seniors

UPTON – The spring can be a bittersweet time for seniors as they finish out their last year of high school and head toward graduation. For the Class of 2020, Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School (BVT) recognizes that the close of this school year is going to be different, but different can be fun. BVT is going the extra mile to celebrate its seniors in a fun and creative way.

Surprising the Class of 2020 with congratulatory lawn signs, had everyone smiling under their face masks on Friday, May 1st. Over 50 of our teachers, instructors, administrators, and support staff volunteered to travel throughout the district in a coordinated effort to surprise seniors with a unique delivery and a quick little hello from a safe distance.

In small, staggered, separated groups, allowing for social distancing, volunteers arrived at BVT through a safe, scheduled process that allowed for signage pick-up before departing to homes across the district — driving separately to their assigned delivery route. Despite some rain, it was a bright day with school spirits high, and BVT pride on full display with car decals, decorations, and the perfect playlist as volunteers got creative in making their deliveries extra special. Even Superintendent-Director Dr. Michael F. Fitzpatrick joined in on the fun sporting a beaver face mask to bring smiles and unexpected delight to some of the seniors in Milford.

The seniors were surprised to see the masked, but familiar faces drive up to their homes honking, waving, and showing off their school pride, as congratulatory lawn signs were delivered. They raised each other’s spirits and celebrated in a new and creative way.

Check out the fun photos at:



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