Letter: Yes on One – Abolish Mendon’s Farm Tax

To the Editor

Mendon is having its local election on June 9. In addition to several important local races and question 2, which is the override, I’d like to draw your attention to question 1, which would abolish Mendon’s farm tax.

Mendon is one of the last communities in the area to levy a tax on farm animals and equipment. The town doesn’t make a lot of money from it, in fact it averages a total of $1,600 levied from farmers per year. But, to farmers who often do not make a great deal of money, the annual tax means a lot.

Several boards and committees have supported getting rid of it, including the Agricultural Commission, Economic Development Committee, and our elected Board of Assessors.

Mendon is a right-to-farm community, and agriculture has traditionally been a mainstay of our town. As we’ve seen with this latest crisis, our local farms are a precious resource. Let’s ensure they stay alive for future generations. Let’s vote yes on 1 to abolish the tax!

Thank you,

Tom Merolli

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