Young Residents Seize Opportunity Amidst COVID-19 – Creating Blossom Academy of the Arts

Residents Thomas Doyle and Lindsay Doyle of Upton, along with their cousin Tim Knief of Taunton, seized an opportunity despite the dispair of COVID-19.

As local theater organizations announced closures and school districts announced budget cuts for arts, music, and theater programs, Timmy, Tommy, and Lindsay saw an opportunity to create something special for their beloved theater community- Blossom Academy of the Arts.

Tim and Tommy, as college students, and Lindsay, a Special Education teacher, have experienced the effects of online learning first hand. As lifelong lovers of theater, the teams saw an opportunity to offer online theater camps and classes for local communities despite calls for social distancing. They chose to call themselves Blossom Academy of the Arts, urging their students to grow and blossom through arts education.

104211178_122940452777382_761085720828581680_n“We wanted local students to continue their arts education and ground themselves in something they love during this difficult time.” Lindsay Doyle explains. 

Executive Director, Timmy Knief, is an award-winning lighting designer and stage manager and has worked for the Taunton and Chelmsford based non-profit, Applause Academy for the past 4 years.

The team’s Artistic Director, Thomas Doyle, a Pace University student, is a directing major and member of Pace’s International Performance Ensemble. Thomas is currently working to master the art of devised theater.

Lastly, the team’s Education Director, Lindsay Doyle, is helping the team create a streamlined and inclusive learning environment for all students. 

Blossom is offering 5 online camps/workshops this summer:

Blossom Academy of the Arts will be holding a Virtual Open House Wednesday, June 17th at 7:30pm on Facebook Live. Like them on Facebook for more information

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