Senator Moore Supports Upton Petitioners – Grafton Upton Railroad

IMG_3642[1]On March 8, 2013 Senator Michael Moore of the Second Worcester District sent a letter to the Surface Transportation Board to the attention of the Honorable Daniel R. Elliott III regarding Diana Del Grosso, et al – Petition for Declaratory Order, Finance Docket No 35653 in support of the Petitioners.

In the letter Senator Moore states in part “I support their decision to protect their health, safety, quality of life and to invoke their constitutional right to petition a federal board to determine whether or not their claims have merit.” and states “..when it appears that a third party is using a railroad to try to escape local permitting and other regulatory requirements, there is an unwarranted privilege of preemption which railroads enjoy under the regulatory scheme administered by your agency.”

Senator Moore also raises concerns regarding the activities at the facility “Furthermore, there is reported to be a noticeably large presence of Dana Company trucks, truck tankers and rail tankers at this facility to a degree which would seem to warrant further investigation to determine to what extent, if any, Dana Company activities at this facility are truly under the control and supervision of the railroad, the Grafton & Upton Railroad Company.”

The petitioners are pleased to have the support of Senator Moore. 

You can read the letter its entirety here.

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  1. Resident says:

    Sen. Moore is a complete and utter farce! He has been pictured riding on G&U locomotives in full support of the railroad( look at images of g and u on google) yet now he writes a letter against the railroad?. He is always there for the photo op but a complete faker and career political hack. I wonder how much his union buddies are going to like the loss of jobs and commerce they benefit from if this railroad starts layoff’s due to his efforts to kill the railroad which includes all types of workers both union and non union ? All this over 6 people who bought houses next to a railroad thats been there in full view for a 140 years+. What kind of a pandering fool is this guy? I voted for him last time but never again as he stands for nimby’s and not jobs and economic benefits to the community. He is exactly what’ s wrong with our current leaders -they simply don’t lead and respond to a few wackos instead of the overall good of society. He needs to go!

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