Ups and Downs of Uptondaily – Week 2

It’s been an exciting week at uptondaily. I attended a wonderful musical at Nipmuc HS, was honored to announce the birth of a beautiful baby boy, and also covered a potential write-in candidate for school committee who isn’t running  but would accept the position. Uptondaily also alerted readers about larcenies and had breaking news on a suspicious person who turned out not to be so suspicious.

The trip to Southwicks Zoo for a post on the baby lion cubs was pushed out until the weather is a little nicer, hopefully it will be within the next week or two, I’m really excited about this opportunity.

I had a discussion about the appropriate use of the word campaign, ha, that’s a funny one. I never thought I would need to define the word campaign. Luckily I was ready, I whipped out my handy Webster’s Dictionary and bam….I felt like I had become ‘Webster Woman’ the woman with the power of definition.

Upcoming posts  include; a piece on an 8th grade student who earned a high Girl Scout award, another candidate announcing she is running a write-in campaign for school committee, poetry from Ed , and more.  There are  many events to attend this week.

I’m still building a readership, so share, share, share. If you have any suggestions, ideas, stories, events contact me;

Please comment, posts with out comments are like a comedian telling jokes to himself.

Thanks for reading uptondaily.

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  1. Great job… thanks for doing this. It can’t be easy to get this started. Many times I don’t comment because I don’t have anything “significant” to say but I do read daily and appreciate the effort to try to get a news source to Upton!

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