Have you heard the calls of a Fisher Cat?

Last night while taking care of a neighbors dog a young couple  heard horrifying screams, the dog seemed spooked and they decided to stay near the house. After some video research they discovered the screams they heard were the calls of a fisher cat.

fisher-cat-picture2-1024x731Fisher Cats have a reputation of being fierce, with large teeth and retractable claws they are aggressive hunters of small mammals. They are great climbers and can easily chase their prey up a tree. Fisher Cats reach up to 3 feet in length from tip to tail and weigh up to 16 pounds.

Although their diet includes porcupines, squirrels and mice, the Fisher Cat has been increasingly blamed for the disappearance of small domesticated cats and small dogs as they are easy prey. The Mass Wildlife agency reports two fisher cat once took down a deer together.

Mass Wildlife authorities advise residents to take precautions, including keeping rabbit hutches secured, securing chicken coops and keeping cats inside at dusk and dawn, when the animals are more likely to be hunting for prey. 

If you are hearing strange noises which sound like screeching or a small child screaming, you may have a fisher cat nearby.

Fisher Cat call

Fisher Cat cashing a squirrel

Fisher Cat in a tree


I wouldn’t recommend approaching a fisher cat.

Image from fishercatscreech

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  1. Here’s a nice close-up video I found.

    They also sound similar to the red fox that we have around here. I’ve seen both. I have heard fisher at night many times, and as recent as last night. The fisher has been seen during the day pretty close to our house a couple of times, and the fox as well. I keep our little dog outside while I’m watching her on a short leash, and never leave the little ones unsupervised, especially near the woodsline. I’ve seen one in a tree about 15′ behind the kids playhouse. They have been known to take down a coyote, and as you mention, deer. They worry me!

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