Rick Binaco announces write-in Campaign for Board of Health

It’s a race…..

Former Board of Health member Rick Binaco has announced his intent to run against Richard Robinson to serve on the Upton Board of Health. Rick Binaco announced his write-in campaign today.

Rick Binaco has resided in Upton for 30 years and is an active member of the community. He served on the Upton Board of Health for 11 years and was chairperson for 6 years.  Rick founded the Men’s Club of Upton in 1997.  His wife and three sons are Upton originals and he has coached and supported many Upton youth baseball and soccer teams. He is a 20 year member of the historical society and currently serving as the chairperson for  Commissioner of Trust Funds.

Quotes from Rick ~ “I have worked with the Police Department, Fire Department, EMTs and Town Employees on fund raising projects through the years that we have lived in Upton”…. “The Board of Health is an independent board that reports to the people of Upton and the State. It has one mission; to protect the health and well being of our community.”

How to vote for Rick as a write-in?

There will be volunteers handing out stickers in front of Nipmuc High School which you  can affix to your ballot in the write-in space provided for the Board of Health position, or you can write-in Rick Binaco, 12 Fieldstone St.  ~ either way fill in the circle on the write-in line.

Letter announcing write-in campaign

Dear Friend:

On next Tuesday, April 30th there will be local elections.  Rick Binaco, a familiar name to many of us, has graciously offered to serve on the Upton Board of Health and is campaigning as a write-in candidate.  He is running against Richard Robinson, a relative newcomer to town and husband of Town Manager Blythe Robinson.

I respectfully ask for your support by voting for Rick Binaco as a Board of Health write-in candidate.  Rick is committed to protecting the health and well being of our community and its citizens.  The Board of Health is in dire need of somebody like Rick Binaco who will stand behind the community and its citizens.

Rick offers a tremendous amount of community experience as a past member and chair of the Board of Health, past member and chair of the Personnel Board, founder of the Upton Men’s Club, along with a host of other valuable volunteer contributions to the community.

Please VOTE for Rick Binaco as write-in candidate for Board of Health next Tuesday, April 30th.  Just simply write his name in the ballot as a write-in candidate forBoard of Health.

Please spread the word!  I ask for your support.  Vote for Rick next Tuesday.

Write-in candidate

Rick Binaco

Board of Health


  1. I am thrilled that Mr. Binaco is a write in for this position. Over the years he has served the town of Upton wisely and in an even handed, diplomatic fashion. At this juncture in our beloved town’s growth and development, we so sorely need his experience, diplomacy and advocacy for our shared values and concerns for the well being of Upton.

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