Elizabeth Nigro and Eli Tamagni of Nipmuc High School to serve on the Central District of Massachusetts Student Councils Executive Board

elibetheliElizabeth Nigro and Eli Tamagni, both sophomores at Nipmuc High School, were elected to serve on the Central District of Massachusetts Student Councils Executive Board (CDMASC) on Monday April 15.

The CDMASC consists of 35 schools from around the Worcester and Middlesex counties. It is the largest of the five Student Council regions in Massachusetts. Student Council members running for CDMASC positions campaigned at the regional meeting last week at Hopedale High School.

Elizabeth and Eli both made t-shirts with slogans and Nipmuc HS Student Council members who attended the conference helped them campaign. Eli’s campaign for Public Relations Officer was “Rely on Eli for PR” and Elizabeth’s was “Elizabeth for CDMASC Secretary.” After delivering their campaign speeches to a crowd of over 300 students, Elizabeth and Eli ran a workshop on communication and teamwork.

Elizabeth Nigro was elected as CDMASC Secretary. Elizabeth decided to run for a regional position “because CDMASC has made such a powerful impact on me, and I would love to do the same for others.” Elizabeth said “I am so happy I ran because I have gotten so much experience from campaigning and realized my potential as a leader. I will hopefully be running for a state position next year.”

Eli was elected to serve as a Delegate on the CDMASC board. He is proud of his campaign and appreciative of the help he received from fellow Nipmuc student council members.  He was disappointed he was not chosen for the Public Relations but thrilled to be serving as Delegate. Eli said when they announced the third delegate position  “from Nipmuc Regional High School, my heart skipped a beat. This has been the highlight of my high school experience so far. Not only have I been given this great opportunity but I have the privilege to work alongside my best friend, Elizabeth Nigro.”

Elizabeth and Ei will attend all Executive Board meetings; will help plan conferences and events such as dodge ball tournaments and charity dances. Elizabeth and Eli will also bring news to the Nipmuc Student Council from CDMASC.

This is the first time in Nipmuc High School history that two Nipmuc High School students serve on the CDMASC Executive Board.

Congratulations Elizabeth and Eli!

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