State Senator Michael Moore attends Miscoe Hill Skippers Fundraiser for the Richard Family Fund

miscoehillskippersThe day after the Boston Bombings the Miscoe Hill Skippers asked their coach, Christine Horn, if they could hold a fundraiser for the Martin Richard Family. The Skippers wanted to have the community share in what they called “OUR STRENGTH,  OUR UNITY and OUR SUPPORT” by hosting an evening of fun and fitness to pay tribute to Martin Richard and his Family. Christine Horn worked hard to secure National Fitness Hall of Famer and Professional Jump Roper Mark Rothstein for the event.

The event was held last night, Wednesday May 8, and was a huge success. The kids who attended had a blast, smiling ear to ear and covered in sweat. Mark Rothstein lead them in an evening of jump rump and fitness activities to the beat of the their favorite songs. The Miscoe Hill Skippers took the stage throughout the night to help Mark lead the group with various jump roping skills; like the supersonic which is when you jump the rope once and then try to get the rope to go around twice in one jump.

At intermission the crowd was wowed with a performance of jump rope skills and technique by the Miscoe Hill Skippers, they truly are amazing to watch.

State Senator Michael Moore stopped by to thank the skippers for holding the event and for helping keep Boston Strong. He also thanked the parents for raising caring thoughtful children as this event was not a parent’s idea but came from the hearts of children. He is proud to represent Upton.

The Miscoe Hill Skippers raised an impressive $5,876.00 for the Richard Family Fund. The Skippers asked for a $5 donation at the door and raffled off baskets. The Skippers also received donations for the Richard Family Fund from all over the country thanks to Mark Rothstein’s help in spreading word of their event.

Thank you Miscoe Hill Skippers for keeping OUR STRENGTH, OUR UNITY and OUR SUPPORT strong.

Miscoe Hill Skippers
8th gr: Lea Peterson,
7th gr: Samantha Chase, Alex Materia, Lauren Materia, Erika Comfort, Megan Drew
6th gr: Katie Housekeeper, Max Moreau , Jason Bates
5th gr: Alex Chase

Below is a gallery for photos from the fundraiser. Click  slide show to view at a faster or slower pace.

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