Upton Annual Town Meeting – Tonight May 9

uptonThe Annual Town Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 9 at 7 PM in the Auditorium at Nipmuc High School.

There are 35 articles, a few are highlighted below.

  • To participate in the Hampshire COG’s program to obtain lower electricity rates for all Upton residents
  • To change the town clerk position from an elected to an appointed position
  • To join the CMMCP project to obtain mosquito control measures in Upton
  • To pay for the materials to construct a pavilion at Kiwanis Beach
  • Renovation of the Upton Town Hall, rental of a portion of Holy Angels Church for a temporary Town Hall, and a 20 year lease of the United Parish of Upton parking lot.

To see all articles with the details view the warrant here.

Town Hall Renovation Post

CMMCP Mosquito Post

1 Comment

  1. #14 is an important one for me it’s whether or not we want to take part in teh highly damaging and environmentally UN friendly Massive Spraying of Mosquitos. If you read the Upton Twon Crier thoroughly there have been 2 articles done on how devastating this can be for water contamination, for aquatic life, it kills beneficial predators of mosquitos like dragonflies, leaving us dependant on these expensive chemcicals year after year. Think of it as taking massive antibiotics without boosting your immune system! The articles inthe Crier also talk about the MANY alternatives to spraying- that are much more effective and don’t breed super mosquitos resistant to these harmful chemicals.Please vote NO for warrant #14 on whether we should join the Mosquito spraying program. email me for more info on what you can do to protect your kids and property from mosquitos without damaging the eco system.

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