Library Raising Funds to Complete Improvements


Upton Town Library in need of Circulation Desk – Old Circulation desk removed, waiting for a replacement, March 2014

 submitted by Matthew Bachtold

Upton Town Library is closed for the month of March for renovations.  During March, limited library services will be offered on the second floor of the building on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, but the library collection and seating areas will be unavailable.

For full details about the library’s services in March visit the library website at:

During March, the Upton Library is being completely cleaned out and revitalized with a new coat of paint and new carpet.  Additional work is being done to water-proof the basement and clean the field stone foundation.

When the library re-opens April 1st, a new shelving layout will offer easier access to the library collection, and a larger children’s reading area.

The Friends of the Upton Town Library are currently raising funds to replace library furniture.  The most pressing need is for a new circulation desk.

The previous circulation desk was built in 1972 by students at Blackstone Valley Tech.  After serving the Library well for 40 years, the desk began to fall apart.  It was built into the floor, so it could not be moved and could not have carpet laid underneath it.  Additionally, the desk was not designed to accommodate modern power and data wiring.

The Friends of the Upton Town Library announced a fundraising goal of $5,000 for a new desk in January 2014, and to date have raised over $2,000 through donations and an art raffle.

Donations can be made by check to “Friends of the Upton Town Library” mailed to PO Box 622, Upton MA 01568 or dropped off at the Library, or via Paypal online at

You can also find the Friends of the Upton Town Library on Facebook.

Special Announcement:  The Friends of Upton Town Library will be holding a Spring Book Sale and Plant Swap on Saturday, May 17th, watch for more details!

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