Will you be visiting one of the Upton neighborhoods near BVT for trick or treating?

It's a great trick to treating spot. There are two neighborhoods which are very popular for trick or treaters and are a whirlwind of excitement filled with as many as 350 princesses, zombies, ghosts, ghost busters, superheroes, and more. The residents who live in the neighborhood have a great time and look forward to the event. They don't seem to mind supplying candy to the hauntingly huge crowd of ghouls and princesses. If you are visiting the neighborhood and not parking at a friend's … [Read more...]

Daylight Savings is Sunday – Change Your Clocks, Change your Batteries

Spring forward...  Daylight savings is Sunday at 2 a.m. Don’t forget to set your clock ahead one hour and don't forget to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. In and interview after the Orchard Street house fire in the spring of 2013, Upton Fire Chief Ron Goodale stressed the importance of working smoke detectors. “Most people don’t plan on having a fire; we know three people got out unharmed because of working smoke detectors.” Chief Goodale advises residents to … [Read more...]

Help the Fire Dept by Clearing Snow from Hydrants

  Help Upton FD protect your property by shoveling out the hydrant near your home. The Fire Department will be working on clearing out hydrants throughout the week but if you know where one is it's important to clear snow away so firefighters don't lose valuable time trying to locate the hydrant when they first arrive at a fire.  A minimum of three feet around the hydrant is necessary to give the Fire Department room to work and to get quick access in case of a fire. State Fire … [Read more...]

Fire Department sees large turnout for Halloween Parade

The Upton Fire Department held another great Halloween Parade with over 150 kids participating. This event is a huge success thanks to all the Fire Fighters and EMTS who volunteer. This year the department also had several Fire Explorers on hand to help with the event. In the busy neighborhood near BVT  homeowners had about 350 trick or treaters. The parents were pleased to visitors parked over at BVT which made for less traffic in the street. Here are a few photos of Halloween in Upton. … [Read more...]

Library Raising Funds to Complete Improvements

Upton Town Library in need of Circulation Desk - Old Circulation desk removed, waiting for a replacement, March 2014  submitted by Matthew Bachtold Upton Town Library is closed for the month of March for renovations.  During March, limited library services will be offered on the second floor of the building on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, but the library collection and seating areas will be unavailable. For full details about the library’s services in March visit the library website … [Read more...]

Memorial School Students Jump Rope for Hearts

Upton Memorial School Students Jumping Ropes for Healthy HeartsClick image to enlargeStudents at Memorial School in Upton recently did their hearts good while learning about the value of volunteering.For the past 11 years Memorial School Physical Education Teacher Christine Horn has organized the American Heart Association Jump Rope for Heart Event which promotes a healthy lifestyle and also allows students who wish  to raise money for the cause.Christine Horn incorporated the Jump Rope for … [Read more...]

Upton to review changing bylaws to allow self service gas stations

At the March 4, 2014 Board of Selectmen meeting Town Manager Blythe Robinson posed to the board the possibility of changing the bylaws to allow for self-service gas stations. Currently under Chapter 4 in the General Bylaws Upton does not allow for self-service gas stations. Robinson said the recommendation for change is coming from  Upton Fire/EMS Chief Ron Goodale. Chief Goodale recommends  striking the bylaw completely or making changes to the bylaw so it will be aligned with the state's … [Read more...]