Nipmuc Juniors Lindsay Doyle and Patrick Carey participate in the 67th annual Student Government Day

CAPTION - SGD14 Nipmuc w Fernandes

 Rep John. V. Fernandes, Patrick Carey, Lindsay Doyle, and Sen. Richard T. Moore participate in 67th Annual Student Government Day at the State House

Sen. Richard T. Moore, D-Uxbridge, and Rep. John V. Fernandes, D-Milford, welcomed several local students and their teachers from schools across South Central Massachusetts to the State House for the 67th annual Student Government Day. Nipmuc Regional High School Juniors Lindsay Doyle and Patrick Carey were among hundreds of teenagers who were selected to represent their schools and participate in the mock government program.

Students began the day in Gardner Auditorium where legislators and legislative staff met them for a primer on the legislative process. After that, the students engaged in a simulated committee hearing and executive session. The students considered two bills that are currently pending before the Legislature, S246, requiring at least 30 minutes of physical education in Massachusetts schools, and H3124, restricting the use of cell phones while driving.

“Student Government Day is an excellent opportunity for students to experience the legislative process and learn about state government first-hand,” stated Sen. Moore. “I was pleased to welcome so many energetic and enthusiastic students from our area to the State House, and hope that they will share their experiences and the information they learned with classmates. I also hope that Student Government Day served as an inspiration for the student representatives to become active citizens and engaged in their government, like it did for me.”

“I was very pleased to participate in this worthwhile and informative event, and speak directly to local students on their goals and plans for the future,” said Rep. Fernandes. “I am grateful that this program provides hands-on experience and instruction of how our state government functions, which has a proud and storied history dating back hundreds of years.”

The most memorable part of the day for Nipmuc Junior Patrick Carey was hearing how well articulated both sides of the debates were. Patrick said,  “The House debated two bills which both affected kids and it was incredible to see how insightful and intelligent the arguments were from both sides. The process of debating and passing a resolution on just two bills took us more than 2 hours. Considering that this process was expedited to ensure that we did not run late, which we did anyways, it is incredible to imagine how people do this on a daily basis.” Patrick enjoyed seeing democracy in action and participating in it saying it made for an “incredible experience.”

Lindsay Doyle, a junior at Nipmuc, said over the past few years she has been actively involved with many of Nipmuc’s student government programs and loves to get involved around the school.  “I am always looking for opportunities to expand my leadership skills and this was the perfect opportunity,” said Lindsay. “The whole day was full of experiences which taught me about the way our state government works. Being able to understand how government works by participating in mock hearings and voting sessions was the best learning experience. “


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