Nipmuc’s Advanced Placement Program Reaches New Heights

nipmuchighschoolNipmuc Regional High School Principal John Clements shared the results of the 2014 Advanced Placement tests with the community at last night’s school committee meeting. Nipmuc students achieved a number of milestones for the school and the Advanced Placement program  in 2014.

The school  has seen an increase in the enrollment of its Advanced Placement (AP) classes and performance in the AP exams. According to Clements 370 AP tests were taken at Nipmuc with 74.4 percent earning qualifying scores. Since partnering with Massachusetts Insights Education /Massachusetts Math and Science Initiative through a grant (2010), the school has seen a 70 percent increase in the number of students taken AP courses, a 104 percent increase in the number of tests given, a 116 percent increase in the number of AP Scholars, and an addition of 7 AP courses.

Currently more than 50% of upperclassman are taking an AP course.

Mr Clements said, “I am exceptionally proud of the work that our students and teachers have completed in helping our program grow and our students achieve.”

Here is a slide show of stats presented by Mr. Clements at the School Committee meeting.

View on Flowboard – Presentation Software for iPad and Mac

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