New Arrival at Southwick’s Zoo


The staff at Southwick’s Zoo had a pleasant surprise Friday morning. After a long pregnancy, zebras have a gestation period of 13 months, the zoo’s female Grevy’s Zebra gave birth on October 2nd. The foal is believed to be a female, but it is difficult to get too close due to the mother’s protectiveness. This is the first zebra born at Southwick’s Zoo in many years, so everyone is very excited. The mother is very attentive, and both she and the baby are doing well. Zebras can stand about 20 minutes after birth, so the foal was walking and nursing shortly after birth..

2014 has been a big year for babies at Southwick’s Zoo. This year’s previous new arrivals included three giraffes, a tapir, and many others such as African crested porcupines, several monkeys, Barbary sheep, and pygmy goats. Visitors can see the foal in the African Plains habitat. Southwick’s Zoo is open daily 10am-5pm through October.

Southwick’s Zoo is a privately owned zoo located at 2 Southwick Street in Mendon, MA and is home to hundreds of wild animals, featuring more than 100 varied species (many of which are endangered). Southwick’s Zoo’s mission is to provide an extensive zoological collection and educational facility for their visitors. Southwick’s Zoo offers an exciting environment for visitors to learn more about animals and their conservation.

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Photos courtesy of Southwick’s Zoo


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