Letter: Peterson supporter backs Marty Green

letterssubmitted by Elias Hanna

To the Editor,

I would openly like to declare my support of Marty Green for the position of State Representative. Marty has the experience, qualifications and community involvement that his opponent notably lacks.  I am sure Mr. Muradian, is a hard working individual with good intentions.  However, he grossly lacks the skills necessary for this vital position.  As a lifelong resident of the district Mr. Muradian has been invisible in local government and volunteer organizations.  I believe an individual must “pay their dues” and obtain real life experience before becoming a State Representative.  Mr. Muradian is attempting to climb the proverbial ladder by skipping every rung. Instead, he should have served on at least one town committee, to learn the process before running for a position like State Representative.  It is through serving local government he will not only build the skills but gain an understanding of the community’s needs.  How can we seriously expect Mr. Muradian to serve our community as State Rep., with absolutely no track record?

As a staunch Democrat, I can honestly say I supported George Peterson in the past.  Although a Republican, Mr. Peterson honorably served our town and worked hard for the district.  That’s because Mr. Peterson had the experience, qualifications, and involvement to deliver results.  The same cannot be said of Mr. Muradian.  

On the flip side, Marty Green served the Economic and Executive Director of Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce for nineyears and Northbridge Town Selectman for three years.  Furthermore, Marty has been involved in number of Community volunteer positions including but not limited to served on two Superintendent  search committee’s in Northbridge , co-founder of two education foundations,  active member and volunteer at St. Patrick’s Church in Northbridge just to name a few. Marty is an extremely credible person as he has an MA degree in Public Administration from Framingham State. He is also the proud and successful owner of his own company (Marty Green Properties, a full service real estate and property management company).

The State Representative has a number of important duties including improving our local economy, setting state spending priorities, and working with State leaders to create policy. Common sense tells us it is imperative we have a competent and seasoned professional in this role.  Looking at the two candidates on the November 4th ballot, the common sense choice is clear.  Marty Green is the right person for the job.

I know firsthand that Marty is trustworthy and honest and dedicated in investing precious hours required for this office. I am confident that Marty is the only deserving candidate for the office of State Representative.

Thank you.

Elias Hanna



  1. Wow, just wow. I can’t add to that comment. David is well versus in the position as he has worked hand in hand with the incumbent daily for the past many years.

  2. Where should I begin Elias? You stated, “I am sure Mr. Muradian is a hard working individual with good intentions. However, he grossly lacks the skills necessary for this vital position.”

    I am interested in knowing how you came to that conclusion. For the record David has worked in George Peterson’s office for the last 7 years. Which means he has worked very closely with George Peterson on both state and local issues in which you said, “Mr. Peterson honorably served our town and worked hard for the district” What makes you think David won’t?

    Can you give specific examples? Do you know something we don’t or are you just stating your personal opinion?

    Let me remind you that David Muradian has 7 years of hands on experience working on real issues directly with George Peterson as Peterson’s Director of local affairs. I would say that alone gives David Muradian a huge advantage over Green.

    I would also like to point out that George Peterson formally endorsed David Muradian and said, “Mr. Muradian has an excellent understanding of the issues facing the Ninth Worcester District I have the utmost confidence that David would be a staunch advocate for the District, and will bring unique and ambitious ideas to the table which ensure a promising future for the towns of Grafton, Northbridge, and Upton.”

    Given Peterson’s no nonsense approach, work ethic and how he honorably served his district for 20 years, do you actually believe he would give an endorsement to someone that he knew was not up for the job or lacked experience as you claim? The answer is no.
    Were you aware that when asked if Green would give up his business to dedicate all his time and energy to his position as state representative he said No! Does it even bother you that Green doesn’t even plan on being a full time state representative? Probably not!
    You claim you are, and I quote “staunch democrat” and said that you honestly supported George Peterson in the past. Although a Republican. If we read between the lines, you want people to believe you are not just a democrat but a “staunch democrat” and you supported Peterson.

    I found your choice of words interesting you said you supported Peterson you didn’t say you voted for him, there is a difference. You sound just like the “lifelong republicans” that claim they are now supporting Green a progressive liberal! I guess it sounds good in a comment section.

    Moving forward Im so glad you brought up Green’s time as the Economic and Executive Director of Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce for nine years. Has anybody even bother to investigate the financial state of the chamber during his tenure or the fact that the board of directors asked him to step down because he was in over his head?

    Surprisingly we do agree on one of your points regarding the state representative position and the number of important duties including improving our local economy, setting state spending priorities, and working with State leaders to create policy.

    First I am glad you admit that there is a problem in Massachusetts caused by the 82% majority which just so happens to democratically controlled. So I am interested to know why you think sending another democrat (Green) to Beacon Hill will bring about the much needed change you so desperately admit we need.

    Many of the issues we face throughout the commonwealth including the towns of Grafton, Northbridge & Upton are a direct result of democratic policies and regulations and their veto proof super majority.

    We don’t need another democrat on Becon Hill we need an independent voice and someone who not only knows how to be bipartisan but has to do so, in order to get anything accomplished on Beacon Hill which again is made up of 82% democrats.

    We need to put an end to the one party majority in Massachusetts and let Marty continue being an upstanding citizen in the private sector.

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